Three Things That Can Impair Your Productivity at Work

female executive

Do you feel like you are stuck at work? Many people think that such a feeling is a trivial experience that happens to all workers. That statement has some truth in it, but if the feeling persists, it may be a sign of a more severe problem.

The first thing you can do is to have a counseling session with your company’s psychologist. If you have an expert listening to your emotional condition, hopefully, your condition can get better. However, aside from seeking assistance from the professional, you have to begin to learn about yourself.

Here are three things that may reduce and impair your productivity in the office. The more you know about what is wrong with you, the sooner you can fix yourself.

Poor Sleep Quality

Sleep deprivation is a common health problem among executives. The tight deadlines and fierce competition force white-collar workers to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Overworking becomes a daily habit. And once the office work is done, the life continues at nightclubs.

If that lifestyle does not happen to you, your source of the problem may start from your bedroom. The design of the room must be arranged in such a way that can make you feel comfortable. People often take the bed design for granted, yet it can be an issue if you are a person who pays attention to details. You can check the link here to learn about how wooden headboard can bring warmth and elegance to your bedroom.

Your bedroom is your most intimate place to get rest and spend quality time for yourself. Decorating the room to fit your style is more than an aesthetic necessity.

Personal Disputes with Co-Workers

Holding anger is exhausting and counter-productive. If you have a grudge against another co-worker, it would be better if you face your problem immediately. You shall not be afraid of consulting with your supervisor regarding your situation. Ask him/her to mediate your issue so that your resolution attempt is not mistaken as a confrontational gesture.

Also, you must avoid gossiping about your disputes. Telling your other coworkers will not make everything better, if not worse. If your supervisor hears your problem from another coworker, it will not be right for you. First, you will be perceived as a person who likes to spread gossip. Second, your other coworkers will think that you are not brave enough to resolve your dispute face to face.

Lacking Exercise

Your physical activities affect your brain’s function. You cannot expect to have a sharp mind if you rarely exercise. You need to have a healthy body for a healthy mind.

Therefore, allocate your weekends for working out. You can do something easy and practical, like taking a walk, jogging, or practicing bodyweight workouts. Train your body at least five times a week so that you can get meaningful results.